A mystery of beautiful name of Russian girls

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A mystery of beautiful name of Russian girls

Do lovers’ names matter?

Let’s consider the following scenario. A man meets glance of a beautiful woman and, at this moment, there is a flash, the emission of chemicals and a small obsession – the man falls in love.

All people fall in love, develop relationships, often getting married, but why does this attraction exist? Scientists’ community from all around the world cannot explain it until now.

The cause of inexplicable mutual attraction is the large number of factors affecting the compatibility of partners. And one of these factors is the compatibility of partners’ names.

Many of us have ever noticed that most of our partners in love have the same name. This funny coincidence is not accidental.

Each person has a name given to him at birth. Each name has a certain meaning and, one way or another, affects the character of the person. By it you can determine what abilities or disabilities a woman is endowed. Our ancestors believed that the unique Russian girl name depended on her whole fortune, and even in our times, the parents try to carefully examine its value before giving the name of the child.

Any name from the list of Russian girl names keeps a lot of secrets, and it is usually due to some event in history. What do they tell about us? Everything exactly.


Compatibility of names can be defined as a fact that every beautiful Russian girl’s name carries its energy and gives people certain personality traits. By the meaning of the couples’ names we can determine how strong the union of these people will be. However, there are many examples of people with completely inconsonant names became a couple, and later they have built a family with a lot of children and happily live. Nevertheless, the idea that names should be harmonious and consistent in a couple does not leave people’s minds.

When we fall in love, or at least, are charmed by woman, we want to find as much common things between us as possible. But often a little apparent harmony is not enough. Then we are trying to test it with something that eludes human logic, for example, how compatible the most common Russian girl names are.

Expert evidence

The scientists, who are engaged in the researching of compatibility of love, came to the unanimous conclusion that the absolute biological incompatibility does not exist. It has been already written a lot about compatibility and there are entire name compatibility guides that inform what are the names of family happiness, and which of them point out that the partners are incompatible.

If you still want to be sure that your names are combined and harmonize the relationship you can use another opinion of experts on this issue. It is considered advantageous if the common Russian girls’ names have similar parts with yours.

However, people can lead a happy life together, and in spite of any compatibility. The only thing that you need to pay attention on is your feelings.