The most attractive Russian girl names, their meaning

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The most attractive Russian girl names, their meaning

The best and most beautiful

Each country has its own customs. The way how people from different countries call their children is no exception. When waiting for a child to be born, parents are planning what name to give to them, calling according to family traditions or customs that exist in their country. In Russia, little girls are also called traditionally, although in recent years quite unusual, unfamiliar and even foreign and not Russian girl names are more common.

Beautiful names of Russian girls

Names for girl are very loved by men and they cause a special delight. Many of them are very beautiful, looking at which every man feels admiration. Usual Russian names are familiar from fairy tales, such as Alyona, Anastasia, Maria, and they have become a symbol of entire feminity, which is associated with tenderness, love and unusual feelings. Exactly about such Russian brides European men are dreaming. Later new Russian girl names appeared, which were also well established and have become a symbol of East-European women.

So now, top Russian girls’ names which are familiar to European men and their basic meaning can easily be called:

  • Kind, sweet, affectionate. Anushka, this name raises only the most tender feelings.
  • Attractive, seductive.
  • Majestic. This name is largely associated with the Empress. At the same time, Katya is native and tender.
  • Attractive, with a large inner charm.
  • Patient, good wife, mother.
  • Flexible, compliant, vulnerable, in need of love and affection.
  • Impatient and impulsive. Faithful.
  • Ingenious, reliable, true to her word.
  • Feminine, soft, gentle, she is loved and she loves.
  • Independent, obstinate, domineering.
  • Fidelity in conjunction with dignity. Doesn’t tolerate oppression and evilness.

These are just some of Russian girls names that are known, which the most beautiful Russian girls have. Many of them were created from the most famous novels’ writers and classic heroines, singers dedicated songs to them, they became the characters of famous paintings and inspired on heroic actions.

What matters

But is it worth paying so much attention to girls’ names? Of course, for a lot of men it is better to turn to representatives of other countries as they used to do it. But not that has a fundamental importance.

It’s known that in different periods according to fashion trends, girls names were both purely native and foreign, when their parents read a novel or watched new TV-show episode. But this doesn’t mean that a woman named Angelica has lost her attractiveness and mystery, she has ceased to be the same Russian woman who is capable to love and devotion. Brought up in the same country, with the same traditions, she continues to be beautiful, soft and capable of the purest feelings. These women exactly are admired by men, who wish to see them as wives; such woman is able to make her husband the happiest man on Earth. Look for the one who is close to your heart, who you feel comfortable with, the rest just doesn’t matter, if there is love and understanding.